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Please give me tips on how to fight!?

When i was 10 my dad died and today was the day he died, but i am 14 now and nobody has ever messed with me, but today some kid that's a sophomore that messes with me and he thinks he's a bad ***, and need to get his *** kicked, and he came up to me today and said "at least i have a dad" and that pushed me over a limit. but i never been in a fight, can someone help me?

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    ok listen first fighting stance

    chin tucked, elbows in, hands up, feet about shoulder with apart, your right foot should be forward and left backwards or vice versus if your more comfortible the other way

    and when you punch keep you other hand up and punch with your hole body not just your arm

    and same goes for kicks and with kick keep them low

    and ill give you some sites to look at that have fighting stuff

    there my by the way

    hope this helps and sorry about your dad

    if you think this is best answer please give ti to me

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    he crossed the line with that comment, If he was a real bad *** he wouldn't pick on someone younger than him. if hes picking on you then hes prolly just an unhappy person. If you play any organized sports at school then try to get the other players to back you up. I went to a jr/sr high school and if you were on the modified (7th & 8th grade) football team then usually the varsity and junior varsity players had your back. Or if your not playing a sport, i put on a sad face and go see the VP or principal and tell them how he upset you and tell them what he said to you. Dont let them kno your pissed, let them think your sad, you'll get more sympathy from the teachers and most likely he will get reprimanded. Dont get mad, get even. If you do punch him in the face, he'll most likely get you back. its hard to tell which bullys are all talk and which one will actually kick your a**. Good luck.

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    Sorry for your loss, but fighting is not the key, Bruce Lee once said a quick temper will make a fool of yourself this is quite true because back in the days I was always the one with the short temper and always getting into punch ons but of course I eventually joined Karate for 2 years and my anger management, respect for others and self confidence has improved. I understand what situation your in if you end up have to fight him you best throw the first punch and just lay into him if you don't get to throw the first punch remember stay calm on his techniques and counter be smarter, quicker and stronger think wisely. good luck

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    My condolences.Break his nose,then leave it alone,he most likely won't bother you again.You need to work on your grammar:he pushed you over the limit or he crossed the're still at a Junior high,so you're both a senior at the junior high(9th grade) and a junior in High school.When you get to the High school itself,request weight training.Start doing push-ups and sit-ups,tricep dips on edge of couch,gradually raise feet up off floor with books,then a chair.

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    Try and avoid a fight with him. You should look for a martial arts class to train in so you can gain some self confidense. Then you might not seam like a victum.

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    the fact that you let it go tell everyone that you are the stronger of the two. Be proud of that and know that he is not even worth getting upset over, you will come across many jerks in life and the truth is they will do themselves in. if you want to learn to fight for confidence then look into you local martial arts academies

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    Anything that isn't a 1v1 is cheap. Unlike guys, girls dont have weak spots. Dont fight them. Take them one on one . IF you MUST . MUST, then keep the in a line. Box one in the nose, shell fall back, box the **** out of the next one. Swing AS HARD as you can, use your whole body for power . Dont pull hair or stuff.

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    this is good advise wen he pushes u next give a punch then come through with another punch drop him on the floor dont let him back up

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    first you must you understand,fighting is never a way to solve anything.

    i don't know you but im sorry your father died.

    my advice is not to fight although if you do make sure you always keep eye contact and don't try anything you know you can't follow up.

    best of luck.

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    use ur knuckles when you punch its pure bone itll hurt more.

    block ur head with your hands

    if he gets on top use ur legs to kick him off

    use ur anger to numb the pain.

    dont think about what hes gonna do to you only what your gon do to him

    street fighting is half mental and half physical so get ur confidnce up on kickin his @ss and dealing with pain but you sound like you got that coverd

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