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Getting my hair trimmed? Because of split ends?

I want to keep as much of the lenght of my hair as I can.. I havn't had my hair cut/trimmed in about 4-5 months .. So how much should I get it trimmed? Would 1 inch be okay? or too less, I really do NOT want to cut more then 2 inchs. I straighten my hair 1-3 times a week.


how many inchs would remove all/most of the split ends?

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    A good rule of thumb is to cut 2 inches off each time you get a trim, which should be every 3 months or so I believe. Where you straighten your hair a lot though, this can create more split ends. I would try to give up the straightening if you want to go for longer, healthier hair that you have to cut less often.

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    Well if you want it to grow i believe that you would have to trim it at least 1 time a month, thats what my stylist said. Sice you straighten your hair most of the time i would trim it at least 2inches, then when the damage of split ends is gone go to 1 inch a month, then you will actually see it grow more! good luck!

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    you should probably ask your stylist, b/c we dont know how long the split ends are.

    its a good idea to trim all of the dead stuff off tho, b/c your hair grows back stronger and it makes you look very clean.

    if yu need 2 inches, then by all means, do 2 inches.

    and when you straighten your hair, try using heat protection spray, so it wont do as much damage.

    *hope i helped!

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    Ask your hairdresser what they think after they look at your hair.

    But I would think 1 to 1.5 inches would be enough.

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