Hey my BF is acting wierd... PLZ Answer!!!?

My bf and i have been dating for 4 weeks. i kissed him 2 weeks ago. he really liked the kiss. he told me that i was brave {K Im blushing...} But scince then he hasnt kissed me. is this like sorta normal? And Guys whats the biggest thing you like in a girl? Plz And thanx. and Any advise for kissing is totaly welcome. O He's 14 im 13 we'r both in 8th grade. i like him alot! well Thanx!

Love Nikki O And you might have seen his other Q. but if you might have answered his other q. I wasnt crying cuz i was too shy. i yawned and wen i yawn i get tears in my eye. but i am sorta shy...

O this is my 2nd post on this cuz i just wanted to c what other people r saying?

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    hahah that means that he might be reading this thing right now, you knwo that right? well i think that hes just REALLY shy or he doesnt know how to just KISS you without you guiding him through it...nerves i think lol

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