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26 weeks and 5 days ....and my boobs..?

well the other night me and my husban were making love and for some weird reason my left boob starting leaking milk?? (white watery look) well i think it was so i was surprised i even showed it to my husband and he said it could of been the excitement of sex lol ...could this happen at 6 months??

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    Yes! It happened to me as well. My left side leaked for the last few months of pregnancy.

    I was worried it meant the right side was broken, but I am still breastfeeding from both sides.

    It's just another glamorous (ha!) part of pregnancy! :)

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    im 25 weeks 2 days and have been leaking ever since week 21..its completely normal, i believe its called colostrum and it happens to some pregnant women. if you squeeze your boob it will come out, mine comes out when i go to bed alot and i wake up with stains all over my shirt. this is just the pre-milk. its really odd, but normal! oh another joy of being pregnant!

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    you're a leaker! totally normal. look into breast pads

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