Is it weird for a 16 yr old girl to date a 14 yr old boy?

IS that weird? I mean i know its not weird if a 16 yr old boy dates a 14 yr old girl, but is it weird the other way around? if the girl is a junior and the boy is a freshman?

and shes a little taller than him?

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    1 decade ago
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    no its not weird...if he treats u right and u both really care about each other then its not weird at all. if other ppl make fun of u..they are only sayin tht cuz they are jealous tht they dont hav a good relatonship like u do.

    Source(s): i hav dated a younger guy b4
  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe people who don't know either of the two would consider it "weird," but it really isn't if both people can handle the relationship. At that age there is the difference of puberty but two years is really not that much in the long run. It's more about how mature the two are together and how well they get alone etc, not how many years they have spent here.

    It could be weird from the perspective of others though.

  • dougan
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    4 years ago

    i little bit, yet is he a mature 13 12 months old? i he isnt, he's purely going to circulate around showing it off, and then mothers and dads might discover out and issues might get awkward. yet while hes mature, he might understand in case you had to maintain issues on the down low.

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