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what do you think of a 45 year old man who still does not know how to respect women properly?

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    A person of 45 years has had a lifetime to learn to treat other people with respect, and if they do not do do it is because they do not WANT to. To me, that is a giant red flag about a person.

    And contrary to what some people say, everyone is worthy of respect as a human being and a person with thoughts and feelings.

    No-one has the right to disrespect another person because they are male or female, or because they do a certain type of work, or because they have money or not.

    If people just gave each other the respect they would like to receive, there would eb much less anger and heart ache in this world.

    Best wishes :-)

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    That if he hasn't learned how to respect a woman by age 45, he probably never will learn. Don't waste anymore of your time with him. Find someone who has learned how to be respectful.

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    If he hasn't learned to respect women by now, he likely never will. Don't waste your time wishing for something that just isn't going to happen. If he really seems to be trying to change his ways, give him a chance. Otherwise, you either need to realize that this is how he is and either accept it or leave.

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    He's going to be a single 45 year old man not if but when she dumps him if he doesn't get his act together.

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  • Anonymous
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    well 45 years without a women, that kinda hard and to learn about a women or it can be easy for some men.....

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    Could be too that he hasn't found a woman worth respecting. They are not all angels . I respect most all women,but if they don't own up to deserving it then ,NO.

    Source(s): I owned a bar once,and got on some men for their foul language once,and they almost was going to leave & never come back but then the 2 women that was there started talking worse then the men. So there you have it!
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    wow. He's had a whole 45 years to learn...Leave him

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    Put him on the show The Pickup Artist!

    :D lol

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    It is too late for him to learn. If you are with him, either accept as he is, or move on.

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    He probably never learned. Ditch him.

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