How do you restore computer to original settings?

Ok this is windows vista,It is messed up really bad and we had the computer guy come and look, he said to put in the disc that came with the computer and restore settings or something like that. We put in the dis and clikcked install now and it says it is unable to read the computer..something like there anything else we can do? He says it would be like starting all over he says he is sure it is a software problem. Oh and he would have done it but he charged too much. We are trying to save money.Please help.


The computer is a accer...We didn't pay him because he said we should be able to do it ourselves. He WOULD have charged too much for fixing what seems to be easy. The only disc it came with was a windows vista. It will not install though.

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    If the computer is under any kind of warranty, the manufacturer will walk you through it.

    If you have RESTORE discs, you insert the first one and boot from it. It will walk you through the remaining discs until your computer boots to Vista.

    What Brand of PC do you have?

    Some HP computers you have to create your own discs, Dells usually have a repair utility built into the hard drive so you can run a program and it will reset everything.

    If you are able to boot into Windows, you might try a system restore.

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    they used to have a scanregw /restore function that would take it back a week to when it still worked

    I do not know if windows still accepts that command

    if you can get into the bios setup using f2 or f12, you may be able to fix it.

    you can also try the c:\ prompt command line:

    xcopy a*.* c:\ that will copy the OS diskette onto the hard drive

    good luck

    P.S. the computer 'guy' is a jerk, he should have FIXED IT -- you paid him to fix it

    Source(s): 18 years of fixing windows crap
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    he made it worse?did you pay him?,if so he is obligated to get it back to it was before he made it worse...good luck

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