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What type of manipulation is this?

Okay I have said that I left a church due to negative comments that were made towards me about a abnormality. A relative called me and said..."Iam tired of the two-facedness, why aren't you coming back to that church... And don't tell me its because of people you are not going there for people. You have to forgive cause you do wrong too so how can you get mad about the thing that was said." In my opinion, she was saying things to make it seem as though the comment was made was my fault. Any psych majors can you tell me the technical term for that

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    i dont know what it is called but i would not go back until i got a formal apology for what was said if they cant give that to you then they are not worth your time

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    I'm not a psyche major... but reverse psychology perhaps is the term your looking for?

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    Um, I am not sure of the technical term. But it sounds like she was blaming it all on you, which is probably a sin. Tell em' that.

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