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What do you think of me just by looking at my picture?

Be very specific:

explain what you think and why you think that.

included what economic status i might be

social status


anything else??


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    I say you go through alot of Drama but if you get a boyfriend from yahoo answers he will help you through your problems...

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    i'd say ur family is well off. maybe not really rich, but more money than the average family. mostly cuz ur hair looks is reallly healthy and ur general appearence, and ur nails are fake or manicured. i think u have a lot of friends from different groups. and and based on the way u wear ur makeup, and the hand on a mirror thing, i think u are a artsy/creative. u probably smile at everyone u walk by. sport wise - softball or track (assuming u do play.)

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    you're really really pretty, you must be popular, you do look sorta' snottish maybe but i could be totally wrong. You kinda' look like you might be in some sort of sport like softball, volleyball, or maybe even basketball. Obvouisly you have a boyfriennd too and are very stylish!

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    my honest opinion:

    your pretty

    middle class- nothing too fancy

    fashion is a little outdated- looking at the necklace and lots of rings

    you enjoy the fake aspects of life (as do i)- tanning, nails, makeup

    no sports- you dont want to break an acrylic fingernail now do you

    socially- no the popular girl group but youre very well like in your group of friends

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    I think you are pretty and you look like someone who gets what ever they want, is popular, are preppy and hate sports. You also wear a lot of make up, and I don't mean to be.... mean lol but all the girls that went to my school that looked like you weren't very nice. But that doesn't mean you are. lol You might be very nice! :0)

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    first off,

    youre very pretty


    please note that everything im going to say from here on is souly based on the picture youve provided


    you look like the prep type

    thats athletic as well

    sociable and well rounded


    god bless (:

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    I think you are very preety!!!

    I like your eyes and your hair mixture

    I am so jeoulues!!! HA HA!

    I think you look like a preppy popular girl from my point of view

    You look like you do gymnastics or soccer ( soccer girl)

    I love your hair in that picture

    you look nice but not SO nice you look like someone

    you could be friends with

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    Ok, my first impression was that you were wearing way too much eye make up, and it was detracting away from how pretty you are... I think you would be middle class, popular at school, cheerleader, very athletic, average at school....

    But this is from looking at a photo so I'm saying I'm pretty off...

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    to be honest with you: (nice hair btw)

    you look like your a girl who goes 2 the mall everday

    and hates sports has a hot fooball boyfriend

    lotsa friends. u <3 makeup and brand names

    u seem eithr high or middle clas

  • 1 decade ago

    You look like you would be rich and snobby. Part of the popular crowd. Maybe a volleyball player or cheerleader?

    I like the heart thing with the mirror...cute!

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