I need some serious help!?

I am on Clomipramine (200mg), Seroquel (800-1000mg), Zyprexa (15mg), and Valium (5mg to 20mg a day) for Obsessive Compulsive disorder and Depression. I had something terrible happen to me last night/early morning. I can't go to sleep because I feel last time I did, I was being possessed by evil spirits. Then I was being chased by giants. Then the next thing I knew, I had my face buried in the sand in a dark part of the woods and they were after me again. Then I was on my back on the ground with my hands jammed backwards, and then I saw a big black spiral or vortex, and I woke up with my vision pointed sideways. I was facing the couch one second, then I closed my eyes and I was paralysed with fear that there was a sinister presence behind me. At first, I was too petrified to look, but managed to eventually, but there was nothing there. The next night I selpt fine. But the night after, it started again. One minute I'm lying on the couch and then I see a human body with white eyes and a snake toungue saying "I'll see you in Hell, Ryan". Then I feel like I'm having a convulsion or a fit, and my vision is that of being inside a ping pong ball being smashed around, topsy turvy and my vision is scattered. Then my brother turns against me and then I'm naked and my mum sees me. Next, I'm on the floor rolling around and I can't scream or yell out as if I were mute or my lips were sown shut. Then, I'm back on the couch. I can't tell whether I'm asleep or awake. I can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. When I try to open my eyes, its like trying to lift up a Holden Commodore ute. My eyes won't honour opening up. Then all my eyes just spasm all over the place and I feel I'm stuck in another dimension; perhaps halfway between earth and the lower astral field belt. Then I feel like something or someone is dragging me accross the floor all over the place and I can't stop it. Then I feel that I'm turning into water and I'm going down a drain. I'me getting pushed and pulled by something and I can't elaborate more than that. I'm not doing illicit drugs. I look to someone who can explain these horrendous experiences. You see, I don't think they were dreams, I believe they are real. You know, a paranormal encounter. Are they hallucinations of some sort? Should I just pop another Valium or smoke a joint or something? I live in the hills with my dad and he is very concerned. We need to get some answers. For the love of pete, what is going on here? I'm losing my appetite, I am too frightened to go to sleep. I don't feel safe even when I sleep in the lounge with my dad next to me. No one can help me. Please pray for my soul. I don't want to lose my mind. I have an appointment to see my doctor, but thats not for another month.

For God's sake...I need an answer!

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  • Hermes
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    1 decade ago
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    That wasn't a paranormal encounter at all -- reading what you wrote assures me that it was paranoid delusions mixed with a healthy dollup of hallucination.

    It is not surprising that you would try to convince yourself that it was real -- that is common. It isn't real though.

    My suspicion would be that you are presently somewhere between puberty and your very early 20s and were raised in an extremely religious home (or possibly a very "moral" but a-religious home) where a strict moral code was laid down to you again and again. A moral code that you accepted but that conflicted with the reality of what you needed and wanted. You of course felt bad about wanting, or even doing things that you thought you shouldn't.

    If I am correct -- then your household nicely set up all the situations necessary for you to become delusional - with the ID and Superego trying to work out their differences without an adequately developed ego to mediate. Wallah -- visions, delusions, fear, terror, etc. -- and the feeling that it is all real, in the face of all of logic saying that it isn't.

    You don't need an answer for the sake of any "God." You need an answer for YOUR sake. YOU matter. YOU are important. YOU can get help. If these visions, delusions, and the probable violent urges that accompany them continue -- you need to go to any hospital and ask to be admitted - explain the delusions and the urges -- you will be admitted to a special ward, and from that point you may get actual help.

    Waiting if its unbearable will not help.

    Even if you are underage, the good Samaritan laws in your state MAY allow you to be admitted without a parent. (Depending on the state, they may not).

    Kind thoughts and our invocation for you to be well.


  • rezai
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    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe all the meds you are on are having reactions with eachother and are making you have these strange encounters

  • Jason
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    1 decade ago

    call your local mental health center right now, do not delay

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