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Reasons why Canada should change work and education standards for IMMIGRANTS?

A doctor comes to Canada hoping for a better life and ends up working a job no one else wanted, something more degrading than minimum wage jobs.

When we are in need of educated and qualified people why do we stick them in cheap uniforms giving them jobs teenagers are doing?

So far i only have one reason why this needs to change , because we are in need of qualified people, as stated above.

Can you think of anymore? I need this in order to start a presentation

Thanks alot. (ill even mention your name if you want)

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    We were discussing this in my economics class the other day.

    The government lets them into Canada because they are quaified.

    The professional associations deny them jobs because they claim that the immigrants are not qualified.

    BUT if the profesional assocations (especially the CMA) would allow all these immigrants to DO THE TESTS and then qualify, there would be a lot more doctors.

    So the CMA (canadian medical association) only allows less than 100 immigrants to do the test every year - they claim that they must allow the Canadian medical school students to qualify first.

    There is a true story of a lady who was a qualified surgeon - from Iran. When she immigrated to Canada she sat the test and got 97%. There was another immigrant doctor who studied at a Canadian medical school. He got 82%. The CMA chose him because he trained at a Canadian school - even though his score was lower. Pure discrimination!!

    Source(s): PR in Canada
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