Whats wrong with my daughter?

My 6 month old daughter has developed a strange habit she likes pulling anything she can find over her face like she is trying to suffocate herself. She really enjoys doing it if I don't catch her in time she starts panting and kicking her legs but when you take it off her she is smiling and excited?? She does it with her hats and bibs too she's even pulled up the fitted sheet up from her cot. It's so annoying.

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    I work with kids and I can't tell how many of the little ones seem to enjoy this game, many falling asleep with a blanket over their heads. It's horrible because you become obsessed with suffocation. All you can really do is keep an eye on them as they do outgrow it. I suppose it's not only fun (not least to see Mum frantically pulling the blanket back!) but it must be comforting.

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    Well i would watch her a bit closer than usual and try to keep things she can do that with away from her, like blankets and bibs. Wait a week or two and if she doesn't stop then you should take her to a doctor just in case. She is very young

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    Get sheet-fasteners for the sheet, but help her figure out how to play peek-a-boo so that she knows how to take them off her face as well.

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    my 4 month old does the same thing when she gets sleepy. I don't know why. I always let her go on to sleep and then move it away.

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