Photosynthesis Energy?

what is a current technology that uses the products of photosynthesis to supply energy for human use?

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  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer a logical sense a Solar Panel.

  • fargo
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    4 years ago

    good day, a million. In photosynthesis, capacity from the sunlight is being - c - saved as carbohydrates as a results of fact- flowers use sunlight to make foodstuff. And their foodstuff is starch. And starch is a type of carbohydrate. 2. Which ultimate describes gentle based reaction? - d - they deliver capacity - prosperous ADP and NAD+ as a results of fact- the gentle-based reactions, or gentle reactions, are the 1st point of photosynthesis. in this technique gentle capacity is converted into chemical capacity, interior the type of the capacity-companies ATP and NADPH. interior the gentle-self sufficient reactions, the shaped NADPH and ATPchronic the alleviation of CO2 to extra clever organic and organic compounds, including glucose. 3. which might you assume to develop the value of photosynthesis - a - increasing the carbon dioxide concentration. as a results of fact - flowers use carbon dioxide to launch oxygen SO the extra the concentration of CO2 the extra the value of photosynthesis is. desire this facilitates <3.

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