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my friend thinks she is ugly! help?!?

my friend thinks she is ugly and i really dont think that she is!!!!

please give your opinions on how you think she looks.

if the link doesn't work could you please tell me how to get a picture from flickr and add its link to a yahoo question?


i hope it works

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    Your friend is a lovely young woman. Unfortunately, she's probably not going to "feel" beautiful simply because some people tell her she's attractive. She'll have to get to a point where she recognizes her own good qualities, and learns how to play them up to feel even better about her appearance. No one is perfect, and it's a good life lesson for people (women in particular) to realize that. Even the most beautiful women tend to have insecurities about some aspect of their appearance. The successful ones learn not to dwell on those, and focus, instead, on their good features.

    Most important of all is not to focus too intensely on appearance. One's looks are just the icing on the cake. If you haven't already, you'll eventually meet some beautiful woman or handsome man who is so bereft of intelligence, personality, and/or talent, that you almost pity him or her. Make sure you have a lot going for you, and spend about 10% of the time you work on your skills and education on improving your appearance. The combination of looking good and knowing you have a lot to offer the world will make you unstoppable, and very desirable in the eyes of others. Nothing is more attractive than confidence.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not ugly at all. i really like the hair

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    hey just tell her she is too pretty n tell her tht she dont think tht she is ugly n tell her tht think tht she is most pretty girl in owrld n thn she will find tht she is realli prety n it will work

  • Baby C
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    1 decade ago

    She is NOT ugly. She is very cute.

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  • meg H
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    1 decade ago

    shes not ugly

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