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How can I make my eye lashes longer with mascra?

I have the Mabline mascara its called De-Fine-A-Lash, MAC Clear Mascara, and Extra Volume Mascara.

When I put the mascara on my right eye first then the left my right eyelashes look way longer.

Any tips?

And with thoes three mascara products how can I make my eyelashes longer (like Kim Kardashians' eyelashes) ?

What mascara gives the longest eyelashes for biracial people?


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    Well nothing will make your lashes longer then what they naturally are... well, some growth serums (or olive oil, like i do) will help some...

    Mascara just works with enhancing what you have.

    I use Maybelline's Full n' Soft, and it is AMAZING! It brought out my lashes more then anything else I've ever tried. It makes me look like I'm wearing fake lashes almost! lol. Speaking of, you could just wear fake lashes (thats what Kim does. And most celebs for taht matter)

    Oh, and I wouldnt wear all three of those products at once. Maybe the clear, then the De-Fine-A-Lash.. Or just the Extra volume (thats the one that comes with the white mascara you apply before hand, right?) Although, my experience with Extra Volume want too pretty...

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    Sorry, I can only answer one of your questions, but here's a little tip for getting fuller/longer looking eyelashes. When you put on your mascara, start at the base of your eyelashes, and slowly wiggle your wand back and forth as you come up the lash. This enables the mascara to reach more lashes, plus pulls them apart better, and makes them look way fuller, longer, and like you have way more eyelashes. Try it! Trust me, it works great and makes ur eyes really look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): That's what I do and IT WORKS. Got the idea from a friend of mine. She got it from her sister who's a makeup specialist.
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    The best mascara for thin fine lashes is the Kiss Me Mascara from japan. This amazing mascara doesnt "paint"your lashes instead it forms tiny tubes around them to lengthen and thicken without any clumpiness what so over. When you want to remove them you apply a warm wet cloth to your lashes and they slide right off, without damaging your lashes. To purchase or for more information visit

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    ok well i like the colossal lashes form lash blast and once you put the lash to the eyelashes then you wiggle the brush as you bring it up it really works i do that every morning

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    put one coat all over, and then extra on tips of the lashes

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    You can try cover girl lash friend uses it aNd it really works.

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