Will sleeping walking be a disqualify for NYPD?

Im currently in the military and just got back from a deployment where I ended up sleepwalking and actually punching someone in my sleep. The military wanted me to go to a sleep study and when I did they determined it was caused by stress from being deployed. I have a yr left but plan on going to NYPD, I called the medical people there and asked if I would be disqualified and he told me he didnt see why. Im still concerned though. Does anyone have any pesonal experience with NYPD or any police department that can help me out?

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    Accept the answer given by NYPD and stop worrying about it. Your under enough stress. The reasons for Sleep Walking being a DQ in the military are clear. You are on duty while your asleep and sleep walking could be hazardous to your health and others. For example, when it's your turn to sleep in the firing position you could sleepwalk into enemy hands and give away your position. At the NYPD you should not be sleeping on duty, therefore it is not a concern to them.

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    there is no punishment for omission, and as they have no access to you while you sleep, you should be fine. Just don't mention you sleepwalk when applying for nypd. But even if you did, it wouldn't make sense as that would never interfere with you ability to enforce the law.

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    I don't have anything concrete for you, but I also don't see why. I would assume the NYPD would not particularly care about your sleep habits as long as you came to work regularly in a state fit for working!

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    actually, sure. you'll not be able to bypass to sea on a deliver because you may fairly a lot actually harm your self badly walking into some thing. i understand people that've been discharged for precisely that reason.

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