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Is there still a chance to be more than friends?

I liked this girl, she liked me back. Later she told me she wasn't sure what she wanted (I think I might have moved in too fast after her last boyfriend).

I had fallen for her by this time and told her I didn't think we could be friends. She was kind of upset about that.

Now I told her I will stay friends with her, but is there still a chance to be more. I pretty much got over her but I know there's something there. And I can wait for a little while.

Should I try to develop this a little more or is it a lost cause?

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    Its true, we woman actually have no idea what we want and honestly I feel sorry for you fellas trying to figure it out!!

    I would stay her friend, to me personally a guy friend is so amazing and they are awesome to talk to and often aren't as nasty as girl friends can be.

    You said you can wait which is awesome patience is an amazing quality so just hang in there and keep on growing the friendship in time when she's ready she may want to take things further but let her initiate it is she starts flirting a little respond Cooley don't seem really desperate and just let it flow out of the friendship history is full of friends who end up together and it can be a great foundation for a relationship!

    And if in time nothing happens between you she has made her decision and you will still have her friendship which if you respect her should be enough! is friendship on fire

    good luck, Lila xx

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    Love is never a lost cause. You have to follow what your heart tell you to do. 99% of the time heart knows best lol. I hope I helped and good luck!

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    Women are so confusing. I'm in love with a girl that has a b/f. I know she loves me to but won't come out and say it but she will never leave him. If I were you I would remain as close as possible that way your right there to catch her when she falls.

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    Its over, move on

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