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Nuva Ring, a few questions...?

Okay so i have been on ortho cyclen for 11 months and it just asnt working for me.

So today i got Nuva Ring. Here are some quesstions:

1.) Should i start the white pills and get my period or should i just insert the Nuva RIng in this sunday?

2.) During intercorse is this going to get stuck?

3.) Has yours ever fallen out?

4.) How hard is it to insert and remove?

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    1. I don't know the answer too so I'm not going to make something up

    2. No, mine never got stuck and my partner couldn't feel it

    3. No it has never fallen out

    4. Really easy just bend it and put it up there as far as it will go..removing-- i've never had a problem; I just grab it with one finger and pull it out slowly...just make sure your comfortable with your body

  • 1 decade ago

    your doctor should've told you when to start it. its different depending on what method you are coming off of, so call your doc and ask. it wont get stuck during sex, but some men can feel it in there. mine fell out once, i didnt have it pushed up in there far enough. and its easy to take out and put in.

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