What is the most in demand field in electronics engineering in australia, uk and europe?

well im a fresh graduate and recently passed the board exam... I want to work abroad in the countries i mentioned in my question...however before applying abroad i need to have a work experience.. since electronic engineering has a broad field and you normally need to specialize in something... what would be the best field to go? so i would find a job locally in order to prepare myself going abroad...

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    1 decade ago
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    By far the most in demand electrical engineering jobs in all of those areas are in integrated circuits, and in energy, specifically solar energy. Those are rated by most firms and universities as being in the very highest demand as well as being amongst the most highly remunerated tech jobs worldwide.

    Again, they are only increasing as more and more computers take over the world, and companies begin to look into alternative energy sources.

    Source(s): Numerous trade publications and university career journals.
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    I am myself an electronic engineer (from the old school), have worked in the UK, and around in Europe. The demand for electronic jobs now are definitely in the wireless data communication (control systems, for example), automation, and in the energy (LED lighting, solar panels, wireless power, etc.) sectors. When it comes to microprocessors and the computer industry, the related electronic jobs are more in demand in the US and in the far east countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and especially China, where most computers and cell phones are designed and made.

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