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I have a question about dentist chair etiquette?

I was at the dentist today getting my teeth cleaned by their hygenist and realized I have always had a hard time knowing where I should look or if I should keep my eyes closed while she is so close to my face,

Thanks for answering my question.

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    Lol I just look the other way.... or I watch the tv that they have right infront of you...but i guess its good to look at her when she is talkin to you and askin you a question

  • rezai
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    4 years ago

    I realise fully, I have that obstacle too. I am a dental pupil, and after we needed to do impressions on each and every different I was once definite I was once going to throw up in entrance of all my colleagues and professors. Wearing headphones is a well inspiration. To honestly get your self there, simply recognize that tons of humans gag, and a few even throw up. From the dentist's viewpoint, it's not a colossal occurs. Focus on respiring via your nostril, and each moment you don't seem to be gagging, remind your self that you're ok. If you believe your self opening to gag, awareness on some thing small, like lifting your toes into the air or taking into account an animal for each and every letter of the alphabet. Be definite to inform the dentist approximately your obstacle. He or she maybe in a position to provide you a sprig that numbs the again of the throat and suppresses the gag reflex. You too can ask if the dentist could recall operating with out the rubber dam if s/he most often makes use of one. These matters labored good adequate for me. I simplest gagged as soon as (and did not puke in the end!) I even made it via the primary time we needed to do injections on each and every different, however that is a further tale. :)

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    Well at my dentist they give me sunglasses to wear so the light isnt directly into my eyes, i usually keep my eyes closed

  • lozzie
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    I clamp my eyes shut as soon as I sit down cause I can't bare to see anything sharp and pointy goin in my mouth.

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  • smiley
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    idk but I like to stare @ my dentist until he cracks a smile and then I will look away and then stare @ him again etc. it is like a game we play LOL... something to keep my mind off the drilling.

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    i close my eyes... unless someone talks to me

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