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Pro-Choicers...would you support a ban on abortions if the following conditions were attached?

1. Based upon voting records, all US Citizens who voted Republican in the last 2 and all future elections are forced to pay an "Orphanage" tax which would make Conservatives fund 100% of all expenses for all of America's orphanages.

2. Place a "birthing" tax on all Conservatives. When a woman becomes pregnant she signs a statement saying either she wants to have the baby and can care for it or saying if she had the choice this fetus would never be born...the tax would be only for the women who are deprived of choice. So the tax would then cover the expenses of the pregnancy and all delivery costs for those women who would have chosen to have an abortion.

3. For all unwanted babies who are placed in an orphanage, if those children are still in an orphanage at the age of 5 they are placed into the home of a randomly picked, middle class income family of Conservatives. The family would have NO choice but to care for that child until the age of 18 since they support NO choice options and that support is a direct cause for unwanted children being born and then being placed in an orphanage.

Penalties for those who do not comply would be financial to begin with, but habitual proven child haters subjected to jail time.

By giving up opposition to a woman's right to choose Liberals would find a financial benefit as well as the assurance that ALL parentless/unwanted American children are being VERY well cared for by the people who care the most for each and every child's life.

Conservatives...would you be willing to suffer financially if it meant an end to all abortions? Would you put your money where your mouth is?

If you would be opposed to this...why? Certainly if a newborn baby were placed in front of 1 Liberal and 1 Conservative and both were told the child would be left to die if one person did not take the burden upon themselves to care for the infant, if the godless liberal turned and walked away the conservative would take the child in a blink of an eye...right? Or when it gets right down to it are conservatives no better or worse than a godless liberal?

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  • Phil M
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    1 decade ago

    Nope, that is still the government invading the privacy of others and legislating the uterus.

    tgb, then why do we have orphanages today? Because people don't want to adopt children...they'll adopt a newborn, but not a 5 year old. Why do 5 yr olds get put into orphanages? Because the parents die OR the parents give up the child after realizing its too much for them.

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    No, How can you think it will be alright to force a woman to carry her child to term and give birth. Then you want to force another family to care for that child. Your beliefs are just wrong. Many females find out they a pregnant before the heart begins to beat. The heart does not form until the 5th week and it does not begin to beat until the 6th week. A fetus cannot survive on its own until after the 7th month and possibly before that such as the 5th month.

    BretSmith: the little fingers and toes don't form until about the 8th week. Do me a favor and research fetal development.

  • Anonymous
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    None of these arguments ever take into account the life that is being taken. It is the child who is being killed, not the mother. People just do not want to take responsibility for what they do. Most abortions are not performed on rape victims or to save the life of the mother, that is a flimsy argument. If a womans life is in danger she will not be sent to a public clinic, so this scenario does not support public access to abortion. I was a victim of rape and gave birth to a healthy child whom I placed for adoption.But even if abortion was available to rape victims, it should be for those who report and then go through another source to obtain it. I have no desire to force my politics onto anyone else or their ovaries, etc. But when innocent people are suffering and dying then yes I am jumping in. There should be no legislation other than outlawing the procedure.After that if someone obtains an abortion illegally, they are responsible for that. Its not as if they have no other options open to them.

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    No. I am only pro-choice for 1st trimester abortions since I am not sure that a fetus is a viable life. I am also open for discussion on this since I am not completely proven sure of my argument.

    I don't believe that Republicans should pay an orphanage tax for your sexual irresponsibility.

    I also think that the pro-choice campaign has gone too far in declaring that a 12 year old has the freedom of choice.

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    I think you miss the point. If two people CHOOSE to have sex, they CHOOSE to have a baby. The baby can't offer his/her own defense. We on the right are the voice for the baby, while you folks on the left are the voice for the people who are too irresponsible to be in a sexual relationship. The very IDEA that there is a 'hook-up' culture is indicative of irresponsibility. If you are not equipped to have a baby, zip up your pants and stop killing unborn children. A fetus IS a child, because it has a heartbeat before you know you're pregnant. These children have 10 fingers, 10 toes and noses and flesh and bones. Stop killing them.

  • Anonymous
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    I agree that if the conservatives want to stop abortion they should provide for and pay for and LOVE and adore all of these unwanted people.

    NO I would not want to put orphans in the care of Conservatives!! NO, oh no - we don't need more of THAT!

    All these penalties, and taxes aren't going to fly with the conservatives. Women have the right to decide whats right for them. That's the only law I want upheld

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    If pro-lifers want to ban abortion, then they have to be willing to step up to the plate and actually care about these children once they are born. You can't have it both ways.

  • Dan H
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    Absolutely not.

    Outlawing abortion does not stop abortion. Not for Pro-choicers and not for Pro-lifers - yes, dear, Pro-lifers get abortions too.

    All banning abortion does is send it underground where some poor girl with a coat hanger ruins her chances at having a legitimate child later when she is adult enough to raise that child.

  • Anonymous
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    No, all of that is beside the point. The state cannot force an adult woman to give birth against her will. Period. We cannot legislate that she must continue a pregnancy if she doesn't want to. For the government to force a woman to go through a pregnancy and give birth is the most fundamental violation of her personal autonomy and liberty.

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    You must not be aware that there is 10 year waiting list to adopt. There would be no need for orphanages.

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