I want information on the navy culinary specialist life?

Ive searched yahoo answers for this and saw nothing but negative answers from people who have never navy cooks. So i would like some answers from people who are or were navy cooks. Or at least know what your talking about. Thanks a lot

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    You'll either work breakfast-lunch or lunch-dinner. If you work breakfast you'll have to be at work in the galley about 0300 and you'll get off work about 1500. If you start at lunch you'll go in at 0900 and get off about 2100.

    At times you'll also work Mid-Rats. That happens from 2300 to about 0030.

    On a large ship you'll have limited responsibility as there will be many cooks. On a small ship you'll have a much broader range of responsibility. On something like a submarine you'll be involved in literally everything served at every meal.

    I used to have a few friends who were "stew-burners." Most of them liked it, however, it's not for me.

    Source(s): Retired Chief Petty Officer
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    No member of any military goes very far without their cooks. Yea, yea there are MRE's but the above still applies in the long run. Some times pictures speak louder than words. Go to the below website. Notice that in the "Search" function to the right that "Photos" is already highlighted. In the space below that enter Culinary Specialist Click "Exact" Click "Go" That will display only those pictures ,that somewhere in the caption to the picture use the words Culinary Specialist, and will show some of the types of duties a Culinary Specialist may be called upon to perform.

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    You Always got Something to eat and People treat you good there's two things you Never do In the Military Piss off your cook or Supply People

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    i have never been a navy cook

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