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How do you clicker train a pet rat?

I have two female rats one at the age of 5 months the other at 2 months. I just got the baby one and I would like to teach it tricks. My older one know "Up Up" and it puts its front paws in the air. Should I introduce clicker training. Any helpful links for clicker training with rats?


Thanks, Evergreen. If I was not so new to this system I would promote you to best answer how do you do that?

Anyway, kudos to the site I will have to bookmark it. I also have tought one of my rats up up.

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    I think the clicker may startle her, but it depends on how tame and outgoing they are. I find that rats are highly food motivated and many food treats work well to teach tricks. I like to use liquidy foods that they have to lick at rather than something they can hold so they can't take it and run away.

    For more information on training rats please visit this page of my website:

    Good luck with your rats!

    Source(s): I am a veterinary assistant who has owned rats for 10 years and bred them for 5. For more information about rat care please visit my website at and if you have any questions feel free to email me using the link in my profile.
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    I think that the best way to clicker train, is the second your rat completes a task successfully, click the clicker and give her a treat. For best results train one rat at a time, and be very patient. Never punish a rat.

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