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British mythology help (Beowulf and Grendel)?

So I am doing a research project on British mythology. I really just need to know their basic beliefs (God, a concept of heaven and hell, rituals, etc.)

Is it based off of Christianity? Cause the book said that Grendel had the mark of Cain. It also had other references, so I am wondering if British mythology is based off of Christian beliefs/rituals? thanks

Also if you had any references that would be very helpful.

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    Beowulf is a fusion of Norse and Danish historical events. It was brought to England by Danish invaders. In England the epic was edited and translated to fit the Christianity of England.

    It is not a British Myth. It is 3000+ words of a alliterative verse in old English that is not true to its source.

    Source(s): I've been through this before with students taught to accept christianity without questioning. The text book is Masterpieces of World Literature.
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    Beowulf is an Old English poem written down by someone who was (nominally) Christian but clearly familiar with old pagan beliefs.

    If you go to the library you should be able to find several books on Beowulf and Anglosaxon culture.

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