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ok i just went to change my dwarf hami water and i noticed she was gone!!!!!!! omg i have no idea how she got out cuz shes in a tank please help!!!! Also i dont have any other pets

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    okay,okay, stay calm...

    urmm...look in hard places, like under the bed, or back of the cupboard, or where you keep hammy food. If you leave it even 20 mins they could be dead. its good u dont have anny other pets, just try and find her. was the door open ? do you have a big house ? could she have gone down any air condisioning vents?

    and actually, my hammy escaped once, and 20 mins later, i found him dead at the back of the cupboard.

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    Calm Yourself. First place her cage on the floor in the last place you saw her. Close all the doors in the house and place a tray of food or treats in them. Try to be still so that she comes out and look around every 15-30 minuets. But remember it's important to be calm, she'll turn up.

    Source(s): personal expierience
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    Okay this happened to me too.

    Leave a bowl of food in the middle of the floor and sit and wait for it to come.

    They are hecka hard to find if you look for them, so go with this method.

    Make sure you don't let her escape again, because it's NOT easy to find them.

    Good luck!

    And by the way, they don't die in 20 minutes...I don't know what that person's talking about.

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    you may want to someway educate that you're waiting to guard your pets. Be more effective effective on chores and clarify on your mom that hammies are not from now on undesirable!!! It does get stressful to sparkling the cage so that you gotta be completely dedicated for it. I actually have a panda hamster(they're so playful!) I feed my hamster 'human nutrition' like vegetables and culmination and yogurts, cooked egg, and cereal.

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    Make a trail of foods and let your hamster follow it. This is how I got my hamster back. xD Or you can put food on every room, and you might be able to hear your hamster eating the food.. And search that room...

    Source(s): Personal experience, read it in a book, and luvs hamsters!
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    This page has lots of hints for finding lost hamsters. Good luck!! :)

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    Leave out peanut butter all over your house because your guinea pig will definetely smell it and she will try to eat it but just make sure you get there before she eats it all

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    my hamster use to escape all da tim... i have no clue how they do it

    so just look in tiny places and in corners that where they lik to go

    good luck

    hope you find you hamster!

    Source(s): happened to me many times :P
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    quick... get a python to hunt for your hamster

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