Is graduating early from high school a bad idea?

Im a junior in high school and an average student .. i only need a few classes to take senior year so i was thinking id take them this year online and graduate in june. Besides missing out on senior year is this something that would benefit me as far as getting into colleges and future careers

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    It will give you a head start on college. It may or may not affect your social life.

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    I wouldn't have missed my senior year for the world. That was the year that everything was the best, and I had so many privileges because I was a senior. I could have graduated at 16 but I'm glad I didn't: there was one class where I had to do volunteer as part of a study for psychology, and I was the only student who had to have a parent consent form because I was still 17. Senior year means one last year with all your friends, graduating with your class, senior slide shows and mushy moments and tossing your hat with the people with whom you're supposed to graduate. That doesn't mean slough off your senior year, but do something fun for yourself, take some sort of sport up, or join a new group, plus seniors get more days off, and special privileges that the other kids don't get. And you don't feel awkward being younger than everyone else. I always had the awkward factor because I started school early because I lived in Hawaii. Besides, what's the rush? You have soooo much time ahead of you to grow up, stay a kid while you can, avoid bills, and responsibilities as much as possible. Enjoy it while it lasts, because once you're out of high school, life becomes hell. College is rough, more rough than I had ever imagined. Take the last year of high school to sit back, relax, (not goof off), have some fun, and enjoy being a kid. You have your whole life to grow up, don't rush it.

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    My stepdaughter did that, and found it very de-motivating. She did not return to school, she missed special events that happen during her senior year in high school, and separated from her friends far too early. I'd never let one of my kids do it again - senior year is made for fun, go and finish, enjoy your senior prom and all the other fun things senior year brings.

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    Yes and anyone who disagrees doesn't have the guts to pursue their dreams. Don't play it safe, step out of the box and work your *** off for what you want out of life. Who cares what anyone thinks. You never get all the answers until you just go out and do it. Failure is part of the process so don't fear it. You won't be a success today, tomorrow or perhaps even years from now but if you don't just go out and do it, how will you know? People who succeed are people that are diligent, don't play by the rules and keep their eye on the ball. Start now. Why waste time? Good luck

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    I would do it. It's not really going to benefit in colleges and stuff, but you can get done college early and get a better job early. Plus, if you wanted, you could take a year off before starting college.

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    thats a bad idea. just make it all the way through and you wont regret it when you get older. if you get out of school early... than you would miss a little information that you might need to know in life. try harder in shool and you might get a scholarship for a good coalge. deefinatly go to colage because it wiiiillllllllll...... give you a better futer. if you get out of shool raely, it would maybe make the colage that you want to go to not except you. i hope that i have helped. bye :)

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