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What is the scoring sustem in the CFL Ijust watched my first CFL game and I find it pretty cool?

I mean like how much are touchdowns(besides the extra points) Field goals and safeties

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    Same as NFL with 2 differences. There is the single which is where the ball is kicked by Team A into Team B's endzone and then becomes dead. Examples: if Team A punts the ball out of Team B's endzone the rule is 1 point for Team A. if Team A kicks a field goal and it goes wide and out of the endzone it is a single point for Team A. on a kickoff if Team A kicks the ball into Team B's endzone and the Team B returner kneels down then Team a is given a single point.

    The "single" is a mixed-blessing as the team scored against is given the ball 1st and ten at their own 35 after the single is scored against them.

    Also on an extra point or 2 point conversion, if the team defending is able to recover or intercept a live ball, they can return it to the other teams' endzone for 2 points.

    I hope that all makes sense.

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    collie's answer is correct, I won't touch on what he's already answered, but just point out a few other differences in the game you may or may not be aware of.

    -our field is about 12 yards wider than the NFL

    -from endzone to endzone is 110 yards rather than the NFL 100 (our centre line is at 55)

    -our endzones are 20 yards deep (really opens up the playbook in the redzone passing game)..(NFL is just 10)

    -our uprights are at the front of the endzone rather than the back

    -missed field goals (since the uprights are at the front and the endzone is 20 yards deep) often get returned.

    -there is no fair catch rule, there is a 5 yard rule. punt team must be at least 5 yards from the returner when the ball is first touched.

    -we play 3 downs not 4 (really pushes the passing game)

    -we play with 12 men not 11

    -our slotbacks are allowed to have a running start...they just can't be on the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped -- so they can start 8 yards back and be at full speed 2 yards back when the ball is snapped (this would be illegal motion in the NFL)

    -also, our defences have to be a full yard off the ball -- it arguably makes the d-line have to be more agile and explosive than big to stop the run.

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    Yes. I plan on following it this season. The NFL Network was showing it last year and i really enjoyed it. I liked the fast pace and the 3 downs. I do not like or follow college or Arena Football.

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    I think it is very similar to the nfl, exept for some kicking rules

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