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Guys u might get surprise but I dont know what"Look Whose Talking" means?


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    First off it is "who's" (contraction for 'who is') not "whose"

    Look who's talking - Is a response to someone complaining about something they themselves are guilty of. As an example, if someone has filled their pocket with company pencils and starts bad mouthing another employee for taking home notebooks, then the person listening might say with a laugh, "Look who's talking."

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    It's a form of irony


    If your fat, and call someone else fat, they say "look whose talking"

    meaning that you are also what u say

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    well im not sure how to explain this but

    for example if im talking to you and i poked someone and i was talking about it being bad to be mean to someone, you could say look whose talking. becuase i was being mean to someone but i was saying that its bad to be mean.

    lol did that make sence?

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    Basically, when you say that you are calling that person a hipocrite. For example if someone says something like "ha you failed the test", you would say "look who's talking" if they also failed.

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