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List your top 10 Pet Peeves?

mine are

1.People who chew with their mouth open

2.people who are fake

3.people who talk with their mouth full


5.your old "friends" who steal your friends away to tell them a secret, say its not about you then you say then why can't i hear and they are like cuz brother

7.people who are jealous of you

8. homework

9. winter

10.nails scraping on a chalkboard

11. when someone says what i just said or says/ steals my idea and people are like good idea


i just named 11

(not in order)

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    10 wow, Ok i will try, here goes:


    2.Men that fart in bed

    3.PPl that chews with their mouth open

    4.PPl that burps, farts,or sneezes in public and do not say excuse me

    5.Cocky, annoying ppl

    6.Winter(yes, i haaaaaate winter)

    7.haters, ppl that hate on you for like no reason whatsoever

    8.Dirty anything laying around the floor, it just aggravates me

    9.Bad BO from anyone, YUCK

    10.Bad breath ppl that are talking all up in your face, like c'mon ppl, take a tic tac or something, jeez!

  • Elle Z
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    People who talk loudly on their cell phone, interupting a conversation without due cause, obnoxious laughter, people who like to have extremely loud conversations because they think they are so smart that everyone in the room should be privledged to hear their opinions, chewing with your mouth open, talking with food in your mouth, smoking anywhere people are eating, people who tell you what you want to hear even if they don't mean it, people who blast their music in their car and people who are attractive and have absolutely nothing else to offer the world.

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    1. Guys who have obviously never shaved, and have a small beardd. grossss!

    2. people who thiink injuries will get them attentionn! (so they fake 'em) grr.

    3. people who are ruude to their friends,, just to be funny. :(

    4. people who can'tt keep secretss!

    5. people who cutt you off because they thiink what they have to say is moree important. whaaat is thatt?!

    6. people getting my face and haiir wet just to see me get maddd.

    7. when it's humid.. wreckks the 'do.

    8. anythingg that'll end up wreckin' my beautiful head of hairr. :P

    9. guyss who go out with a girl purely for her lookss;; you know it's why because he doesn't know herr.

    besst for lasst -

    10. people who have relationships pretty much through textingg or instantt messenger. they doon't talk to eeach other,, even though they see eachh other lotss.

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    My TOP PET PEEVE EVER: RACISTS and STEREOTYPICAL people. That just drives me crazy. They're so narrow minded!

    And the others...

    1. FAKE or TWO-FACED people. Why can't they just be themselves?

    2. Unoriginal people that take ideas without credit. (Haha I hate that too!)

    3. People that think that are your friends (when they really aren't), and you have no choice but to be nice to them.

    4. People that don't keep their promises.

    5. CLOWNS....*shudders*

    6. Spiders and crawly things.

    7. Being late for something.

    8. People afraid to stand up to what they believe in, or say exactly what's on their mind.

    9. Guys that lead girls on when they know that the girl likes him, but he doesn't like her back.

    10. People that don't have personal hygiene. (Greasy hair, doesn't use deodorant...)

    11. People that don't know how to have fun and are party poopers. =P

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. People who don't believe you even if you're telling the truth.

    2. People who act fake

    3. People who have no respect for you or your stuff!

    4. People who backstab you!

    5. People who think they're "all that"

    6. Miley Cyrus

    7. Spoiled Brats(associated with Miley Cyrus)

    8. Envious people(jealousy does a lot to people)

    9. People who act smart when they're really not

    10. Bullies

    11. People who "assume" you're doing stuff and spreads it around when it's not true!

    12. People who try to flirt and possibly steal your boyfriend/girlfriend. I mean, seriously, get their own!

    He he he, sorry, I named 12! =D

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. People who chew with their mouth open (oh my gosh, that is SO annoying!!!)

    2. People who TyP3 LiK3 ThIsSs

    3. Haters.

    4. all of those annoying popular girls at my school

    5. fake people

    6. people who talk to you while they are eating

    8. trolls on Y!A

    9. when people say bad stuff about something that I like, just because they know I like it

    10. people who say "you are just jealous!" whenever you don't like someone

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    1.people who think they're perfect

    2. jocks w/ ADHD who don't take meds brother.

    5. my neighbor


    7.preppy kids trying to be emo

    8.spoiled brats

    9.people who use the word like as every 5th word.

    10.friend's little sister.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) annoying telemarketers

    2) when people don't wipe the toilet seat (gross)

    3) when someone opens my window without asking

    4) when people leave my room, and forget to close the door

    5) when i let people use my laptop and they TAP the keyboard really HARD

    6) people who ask for money, and never owe you back

    7) homework

    8) people who get mad easily

    9) haters

    10) Paris Hilton

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Having to make lists.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. people who talk when im talking.

    2. people who lie to me.

    3. people who eat with their mouth open

    4. people who make others feel bad.

    5. people who are jealous

    6. summer

    7. people who ask ''u dont know what it means..omg?'' duh then why im i asking

    8. people who dont care about anyone else

    9. people who try to talk smart...

    10. people who have no sense of humor.

    not in order....there is a lot more..

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