does anyone know a specific quote from "the crucible" by arthur miller, about elizabeth.....?

when she was called into the courtroom on the account of john confessing of lechery? plz help!

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    in Act III...

    Elizabeth: But in my sickness - you see, sir, I were a long time sick after my last baby, and I thought I saw my husband somewhat turning from me. And this girl - (she turns to Abigail) ... I came to think he fancied her. And so one night I lost my wits, I think, and put her out on the highroad.

    Danforth: Your husband - did he indeed turn from you? ... Look at me! To your own knowledge, has John Proctor ever committed a crime of lechery! Answer my question! Is your husband a lecher!

    Elizabeth: (faintly) No, sir.

    Danforth: Remove her, Marshal.

    Proctor: Elizabeth, tell the truth! ... Elizabeth, I have confessed it! ... She only thought to save my name!

    Hale: Excellency, it is a natural lie to tell: I beg you, stop now before another is condemned! I may shut my conscience to it no more - private vengeance is working through this testimony! From the beginning this man has struck me true. By my oath in Heaven, I believe him now, and pray you call back his wife before we -

    Danforth: She spoke nothing of lechery, and this man has lied!

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