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Why do my ears feel like this?

My ears literally feel like they are going to explode.. they feel so blocked up and like I'm on an airplane or on a mountain.. they don't hurt but just very plugged up and uncomfortable..Could it be congestion or the start of a head cold.. allergies?? If anyone has any ideas or ways to relieve the feeling it would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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    When i first started getting my allergies and sinus problems in college, my ears were the first thing to hurt. Try using a heating pad or hot water bottle on them once in a while, or go in and get a prescription for a nasal spray. That will help unclog your ears. Have you had a dr clean them out by flushing them? That is an option, it is uncomfortable at first but really helps in the long run. try that but i think it may be the start of allergy problems.

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  • rezai
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    Go to the hippie retailer :) Natural Products retailer and get a few earcandles- approximately three greenbacks or much less!. Probably construct up (despite the fact that you blank 'em always). How it really works: A muslin-sort material covered w/beeswax and rolled in a cone, you gentle the top. The warmness and stress of the smoke loosens clogged waxy stuff and clears the ear canal. Some gew will pop out proper after, however days following the therapy the stuff will step by step pop out. I understand it sounds gross but it surely fully works.

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    When you swallow, does it make a sound when it pops but doesnt actually clear? Thats happening to me, too, and its a center ear infection. you need medicine to clear it up! unfortunatley for me, i dont have an appointment until tomorrow, so i cant say anything....

  • Anonymous
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    mine started doing that a couple of weeks ago and then i got sick, it might just be conjestion....

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