do you think i could have hypoglycemia?

I'm 17. I have passed out before and told it looks like i was seizing. in the afternoons (after lunch) i sometimes get really tired or get headaches. my fingers are always freezing, my feet get cold to, and sometimes im just freezing all over. i do get a lot but i stay really skinny and i think i might even be lossing weight. im also always drinking water. i dont know there could be nothing wrong but if you know about this diese if you could just let me know what you think.


sometimes when i dont eat for a long time, my stomach starts to hurt really bad(nausouse).

Update 2:

i meant to say i do eat a lot but stay really skinny, sorry

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    Sounds a lot like me. I just started having symptoms over a year ago. (I'm almost 13) and yours sound a lot like mine, especially the cold hands and feet thing. Even after changing my diet, at school I go a bit longer than I should without eating and I still get really tired and my stomach does this awful thing (Which you descried) that hurts a little but almost tickles and nauseates me so bad that I feel like I'm going to throw up. I don't know about the drinking water but I have seized/passed out before from it. Losing weight is a bad sign you need to start gaining weight as quickly as possible because it can contribute to the problem. Start on a high protein diet and eat mini meals every 2-3 hours

    good luck with everything.

    Stick to the "dieting" (I like to think of it as anti-dieting) and you should be fine.


    you can be tested for it at the hospital

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    The probably easiest way to be sure is to have a 2 hour post prandial glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin done. This will tell you whether or not your glucose levels run in the normal range, above or below. Hypoglycemia can occur when the response to consuming glucose or foods with high glycemic indices is a kind of over-reactive jolt of insulin, which drives the actual blood level below normal. This can generally be managed by consuming more protein and low calorie foods, such as vegetables (except potatoes and corn) and raw fruits, which are pretty much low GI foods and will elicit less of an insulin surge.

    If you want to know, the best way would be the two tests. I think the question, considering your reasons, is not a bad one. As I said, it could be nothing; but, considering the repercussions, I suggest you confide in a parent and go to the doctor, it's the easiest way to find out. Another thing that might bear is thyroid function, but that is not all that hard to manage, either. The best solution is to go to your doctor, lay out your concerns and let him pursue the issue.

    Good luck.

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    The purpose for the hypoglycemia at delivery is that infant toddlers cannot regulated their blood sugars very good. A lot of toddlers end up hypocglycemic underneath pressure (bloodless climate, disturbing supply, and so forth. ) since they cant make glucose speedy sufficient to fill up what's misplaced. So in case you have been hypoglycemic at delivery that particularly manner not anything to you presently. As some distance as your signs now, every body feels hypoglycemic signs from time to time, however until its moving into the way in which of your existence, I particularly would not fear approximately it. If it's, then ask your health care professional approximately it. The first-rate factor you'll do for your self although meanwhile is take a look at to not consume sugars and realistic carbs, since they are going to caues your blood sugar to leap up and down. Instead consume entire wheats and prime protein meals, since they are going to take longer to collapse and keep a extra regular glucose degree.

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    Check your blood sugar. Eat meals at regular times.

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    well no it doesn't sound like you have it. those aren't the signs. you are fine, congrats!

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