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community colleges??

I'm currently a junior in high school, and when i complete school, i am toying with the idea to enlisting in the military and after that hopefully becoming a police officer. Problem is, my grades kinda suck. I have 2 B's 3 C's and 1 D in Spanish. To get into a university, i need 2 years of foreign language. This could be a problem. Can I still do the same thing if i were to go to a community college? What kind of degrees do I need? Any other random thoughts/ ideas?


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    I would suggest going to a community college in the summer to take addtional classes or take summer school to make up for your Cs and Ds. If you are in the area of Orange County, then I would suggest going to Saddleback College or IVC. Make sure you have a good senior course load. The maximum that I can take at my school is 7 classes, I am not sure about yours. If you do good in community college then you can for sure transfer to a good university(as the person below mentioned). I know someone who took Glendale community college for two years and transferred to UCLA so anything is possible:]

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    Community College can be a second chance. Go to your local C.C., get good grades, and transfer to the University after 2 years. The advisers at the C.C. can tell you what you have to take and how well you have to do to make this possible.

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