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what exactly does ginseng do?

i know it's supposed to boost energy, battle fatigue, slow down aging a little.. and stuff like that. but what does it do the most? does it get rid of fatigue more than boost energy?, slow down aging more than getting rid of fatigue.. ect?


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    ginseng is mainly a stimulant. It helps for detoxification.It is also anti inflammatory, antiseptic effects and still many other medical use. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ginseng is a kind of panacea (universal medicine). However, it doesn't always work. I know few cases where people feel depressed or agitated instead feeling better after using ginseng. But often in TCM, ginseng is combined with other plants to balance negative effects.

    You can make search with latin name Panax. BTW you have different kind of ginseng and their effects are also different.

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