What job would better a seasonal tax examiner or an administrative permanent job at a tax firm?

This would be my first real job the seasonal job wouldn't give me health benefits but would give me experience to move into another position besides an admin


To answer below: I have a finance degree really am wanting to do something in finance(working at a bank) but in the city I live there seem to be mainly accounting and hi-tech jobs but I dont really want to move. I am still young but dont see how an administrative position would count as experience for finance jobs like the tax one could but yes i know it may not turn into a permanent one it would be a gamble.

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    I hate to put it this way, but this is more like a "What do you want to be when you grow up question" than a common sense question that we could offer help with.

    If this is your first real job, I am guessing that you are young, so unless you have some serious health issues benefits have small value. Furthermore, it is likely that even if you take the "permanent" job there are a million reasons why you might not be there a year fom now.

    Also, you do not say whether you have a degree or plan to pursue one.

    So given the small amount of info I sugges that you take whichever job seems to appeal to you most on its face and use the time to think ahead.

    Do what you LOVE and success will follow. Take a job just to have a job and you will be miserable for a long time.

    Good luck!

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    Take the permanent fulltime with benefits if you can get it, and the other if you can't. After a year's experience, you can do lateral transfer.

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