about glucose testing?

my doctor wants me to go at 25 weeks three days is that early. I have gained a little too weight though. Just wondering if that is early. Also he after my 26 week apt he said ill go every two weeks from 28 weeks is that normal? thanks


sorry for typo i have gained too much weight is what i was meaning to say

Update 2:

i was 223 at my first apt now at twenty three weeks i am at 243 so i have gained twenty pounds i have not watched what i eat at all so i can only blame myself

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    Its a little early, but not unheard of. Neither is going in every two weeks after 28 weeks.

    He's probably ordered the glucose test early because of your weight gain. He may be worried you are developing diabetes.

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    I wouldnt be worried about the glucose test done at that time. I had mine done late *30 weeks* and come to find out I have gestational diabetes....since it was caught late, I wasnt put on anything for it until about 32 weeks. Im now 38 weeks and some days, and my baby is measuring too big for my body. Expecting an 8 1/2-9lb baby...and Im TINY!!! And that puts me and baby at risk for complications....so actually I would have been grateful if they did it sooner. I think going in every 2 weeks from 28 weeks is a little much though...usually they dont start that until 32 weeks...and then start going weekly from 37-38 weeks or so.

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    It is common for pregnant women to be diabetic.

    After the baby is born, they go back being not diabetic but there is a drawback.

    It shows tendency.

    If you have pregnancy diabetics, it shows that if you don't look after yourself, you may be diabetic in the future.

    You have gained too much weight and if there is history of diabetics in your family, the doctor needs to know.

    Because, children of such diabetic mothers tend to be bigger and heavier.

    It is not hard at all.

    You'll just give some blood when you are hungry in the morning ( 10-11 hours fasting. You can drink a little water though) and if the doctor wanted it, a little more1 hour or 2 hours after you eat your breakfast.

    I had pregnancy diabetics in my last pregnancy, and I was checked almost every 3 days.

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    Gestational diabetes is not uncommon, especially if there is no history of type 2 diabetes in your family. Many doctors are woefully uninformed about all types of diabetes. I've heard some RL horror stories about very young children not having their blood sugar tested by their doctors until after they had been taken to an hospital emergency room, where a simple finger stick glucose test revealed a high blood sugar. The baby was 9 months old and had had every thinkable test done on her , EXCEPT a simple meter blood glucose test. Your doctor is doing what he/she should in a professional manner.

    Source(s): Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 26 months old, over 53.5 years ago, and I''m still alive and kicking, and I have an attitude when I'm online, and I do know how to use it. lol!!!
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    how much have you gained?

    when i moved to a new area, i got a new doctor. he was so rude about my weight. he actually said, "you've gained 20 -25 pounds? is this a joke? are you kidding? you must be over exaggerating"

    he made me take my glucose test at 25 weeks as well. results came back normal.

    i ended up changing doctor's because i didn't feel comfortable. my new doctor was shocked he made me take a test that early, especially since i don't have family history of diabetes

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    My Dr had all patients get glucose testing. It's not fun, but not too bad either. Maybe it's standard with your Dr.

    From 28 weeks on I also start going every 2 weeks. Starting at 36 weeks I went every week. They just want to make sure everything's OK as you get closer to the end.

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    The glucose test isn't early. It's done between 24 and 28 weeks. I'm going in next week.

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    sending you for a GTT every two weeks seems excessive- especially if you haven't had an abornmal result yet... If your test results are normal, tell him not to send you every two weeks. negotiate something more reasonable. like if it's normal at 26.5 weeks, then you'll go at 32-34 weeks.

    I went for one at 16 weeks- because i'm a hyperinsulinaneamic. (Pre-diabetic). And it was a little high, but not diabetic. I will go again when the doc tells me to.

    The one the hospital relys on most here is the 28 week one.

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    Your Drs timing is right. -thats exactly the schedule we are working to as well.

    Four weekly visits till 26/28 weeks ( depends on how your dates fall)

    Then fortnightly till 36 weeks. - then weekly till baby here

    Glucose testing at around the 26 / 28 week appointment is normal - its nothing to do with your weight gain - just the standard time they start checking.

    You may or may not have been having a urine test each visit - they usually start that at around 26 week too if they haven't been doing it already.

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