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IVE downloaded avg.but now I cant use it.?

it was suppose to run a scan today at 12 pm I left so im not sure how do find out thank you

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    Open the program and look to the left bottom side for statistics,it will show when the program was updated and when the last scan was done and the time it was done as well.

    Source(s): I use this program with NO problems.
  • I used to use AVG a few years ago, it was good but I no longer like it.

    Uninstall it and try this free AV,

    Version 4 home editon is free and fully functional I've used it for

    several years now no issues and nothing has infected my system.

    It will rather noisily warn you if it picks anything up. Also covers

    instant messenger and webpages. give that a shot

    Source(s): Perosnal experience with both programs
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