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community colleges?????????

I'm currently a junior in high school, and when i complete school, i am toying with the idea to enlisting in the military and after that hopefully becoming a police officer. Problem is, my grades kinda suck. I have 2 B's 3 C's and 1 D in Spanish. To get into a university, i need 2 years of foreign language. This could be a problem. Can I still do the same thing if i were to go to a community college? What kind of degrees do I need? Any other random thoughts/ ideas?


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    most community colleges still require you to have 2 years of foreign language because you have to take additional foreign language in college, but it really depends on what your major is. Some technical majors do not require a foreign language, you should talk to admissions at your local community college. The great thing about starting out there is it is cheaper and normally your classes will transfer to a larger university later.

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