What to Do about being scammed?

i met someone on the internet and he was on true .com dating service we became friends and he told me he was in nigeria working we been taling for 2 months and our feelings were getting deeper, he saids he from baltimore Maryland origanially but he was coming back to the states to see me and got his flight reroutrd to see me he needed money so i send him $500.00 and we were always chatting but now not much anymore, i feel like i been scam and what can i do and can i report him.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    How did you pay the $500.00?

    Cash or Money Order? (Out of Luck)

    Credit Card, Report Fraudulent Charge (Reverse Possible)

    This man has developed 100's of girlfriends like you with "feelings getting deeper" at least on your part, but not his.

    MAJOR Caution: Did you pay by check? If so, cancel your checking account immediately. GET A NEW ONE!

    He now has your bank account and routing number. He can do an EFT-ACH Draft on your account at-will and clean out your checking account funds.

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