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What is the best way to remove negative credit item from my credit report?

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    If they are legitimate items, you will have to wait out the balance of the 7 year reporting period for the items to age off.

    If any of the items are single entry items like utility or medical bills, you can try to negotiate a pay for delete. You pay $x and the collection agency removes the item from your file.

    This doesn't work as well for regularly reported items like credit cards. The collection agency can only remove what they report. The original creditor's charge off will remain.

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    You need simple credit repair. My mom used a program that cost like $349 for a base program; it removed some negatives and inaccurate items to improve her score 51 points. She started by filling out a free evaluation form at Good luck.

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    You cannot unless you can document that it is incorrect.

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