How much time will pass before were proud to be Americans?

How much time will pass, before people just look at themselves as...Americans? I mean how long was Ireland, Ireland, before people were proud to be Irish?

Did people in Rome for a few hundred years say, "Oh, I'm Egyptian Italian." I once heard Morgan Freeman on PBS talking with Charlie Rose and Rose asked him, what's it like for you being in African American actor in today's Hollywood? Morgan stopped him and said, "I'm not African American, I'm American."

I mean, I'm 50% Italian, I'm proud of my heritage, but I don't consider myself Italian American. I'm American, I was born in Jacksonville, FL. I still have family in Italy, but that doesn't make me Italian American. My daughter was born in Indiana, but now lives in Florida. It doesn't make her an Indianian Floridian. I understand the basis for the longing to rejoin ourselves with our heritage, but how much time will pass before were just happy with being Americans?

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    I also heard Freeman on 60 minutes when asked what he thought of Black History Month and he said "Do Whites have White history month?"

    Everyone should embrace their heritage but come on.

    I think the whole Asian-American, African-American, Hispanic-American description is tearing our country apart. It divides Americans. Of course I think most PC stuff is stupid anyway.

    I am of Danish and Irish decent but I call myself 100% American and very proud of it! =_

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    I am proud to be an American. I do not call myself a European American or Caucasian American for two main reasons. First off it sounds stupid and makes it unnecessarily longer when we have to add somebody's heritage in front of their nationality and it makes it impossible to refer to people of African heritage globally since when you say Africans you refer to the people in Africa.

    A lot of it is people just don't want to seem like they are denying their culture or race I guess. It really annoys me when people say stuff like "Your not really American because you are a native American." My family has lived here for centuries and I think seeings as I have been in the country I can call myself a native of the country. When you really think about it that way there should be no natives of any country since we all started out in the same place.

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    Most Americans are indeed proud to be "just" Americans

    and have been proud for many generations..

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know, i guess it'll take a lot more time before that happens, good question.

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