Im in high school and my parents wont let me date ugh!! what can i do?

all my friends want me 2 double date with them its kind embarrassing what should i do

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    they're looking out for you, most everyone goes through this.

    but look, if you find a guy you really really like take him home to meet your family and then they will reconsider im sure.

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    tell them your busy or that you don't like the guy and you would rather do a group thing. depending on how old you are.. I think Your parents are smart. I dated in high school and it only led to heart ache and some major regrets. You shouldn't date until you are ready for it. and I am not some old lady trying to preach to you I am 20 yr old female, and I am happily married. just at least wait till you are 17 or 18 I know it is hard but when you are 18 you will be happy. I was in major seirous adult relationships when I was barely 15 and 16 and not that I didn't enjoy myself I just wish I had made more time for friends and kid stuff. Besides if you listen to your parents then they have reason to trust you and they will let you do more TRUST ME. Just enjoy your friends- male and female, and just wait a couple years.

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    my first dates were only allowed to be the exact length of the time it took to get to a movie and call from the movie to verify I was there, watch it and get back. My friends were okay with this, even if embarrassing it was a reasonable way to approach getting a date. Also embarrassing or not, it isn't too hard to just say I'm not allowed, there are more embarrassing things. I'm glad I wasn't allowed now that I am older and don't have a checkered past. I think in the end you will be thank-fulll too. You will have plenty of time when you are more mature and less susceptible to youth, inexperience and hormones.

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    Grl, its ok if u r not dating, u still got a while. Ur parents do know what is right for u. All ur friends that what to go on double dates, watch them have gone by like 6 diff. bf's when u are still going on with the one guy bu had for 2 years, all cause u listened and waited. My mom wouldnt let me date till i was 13, sounds good, but i didnt listen and had boyfriends with out telling her. Boy, i should have wated, but now i have a boy friend of 1 year and 2 monthes, and im 15!!!

    hope it helps!!


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    1 decade ago

    Even if you're in high school, at 15 your parents might not want you to be in a position where you could be alone with a boy. As a parent of a 15 year old, I understand this concern. Here are some things you could do that might help them to relax and trust you so that you could reach some kind of compromise.

    1) Make sure you are showing your parents that you aren't going to be "boy crazy" by keeping your grades up and taking your school work seriously. They may be concerned that if you start spending time worrying about boys or a boyfriend, that you'll forget about keeping good grades.

    2) Consider making plans in a a large group (boys and girls) where people aren't necessarily "paired off." I allow my daughter to do this as along as there is a parent chaparone. She can go in a larger group to the movies, putt-putt golf, haunted houses, football games, etc.

    3) If you have a cell phone, remind your parents that you can be reached by phone or text at any time. Make sure you are where you say you are and you respond immediately to attempts to contact you so they don't worry.

    4) Have your friends over to the house as much as your parents will allow - boys and girls. If they get to know the boys you are hanging out with, they will feel much more comfortable letting you be with them outside of the house. Ask your parents if you can have friends over to play video games, watch a dvd, or just hang out. That way, when you want to go out with "friends" they won't just seem like random strangers to your folks. They will actually know the kids.

    5) If and when you're parents do let you go out in a situation more closely resembling a date, make sure the boy is okay with coming to the door and spending some time with your parents. A honk of the car horn in the driveway just won't do!

    I hope this helps. My boys are grown and it was much easier with them I have to admit. But we do allow our daughter some freedoms to "date" in large groups as long as the above criteria is met. I believe that my daughter will have more confidence and be less intimidated when she begins to have "real" dates when she gets older, if we allow her to dip her toe in the dating scene now.

    Source(s): I'm a mom!
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    You can date but do it on a sneak tip type basics. lol. But when your ready to tell your parents that your dating they will understand. But sit down and talk to your parent about it. Let them know that your not getting any younger and that you should be able to date. Give them suggestions to like an alternative. EXAMPLE: If you allow me to date I will always bring the guy by the house so that you can approve of him.

    Give them some options.


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    first let me just say that dont think your parents are doing this for no reason...i didnt date until i graduated high school and that has kept me out of a lot of trouble...all my friends and people i know from high school have children or are pregnant...i however am married and can decide when i bring a baby in this world...i am only 20...but if you really want to date, take your time choosing your mate...dont rush

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    Tell your friends straight up, you're not allowed to date yet. You could ask your parents if going on a double date would be ok with them. This way you're not just alone with a boy.

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    Dasha you have plenty of time to date. Parents are just trying to protect you and keep you out of trouble. You may want to try to win

    their trust and do what they say. It is still house rules. Don't get all

    up in their face and start yelling and so forth. Just bare with them and

    let them meet your friends and get to know one another.

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    As long as you live under there house it's best to listen to them, than to be out on the streets don't you think? They love you and are telling you this for your own good, believe me. there are so many STD's and no telling what else out there. Just wait you'll be glad you did for that special someone to come into your life.

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    well your parents are just over reacting they don't want u 2 grow up so what i do is i tell them i don't have a boyfriend (wich i do right now) and when i want 2 see him i'll say i'm going over to a frieds house. usually we'll say that were going 4 a walk or something and he meets somewere around the neighborhood. maybe you should try that

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