what GPA do i need to get into North Texas, Texas state, University of Alabama, or Arizona state?

I am a junior and my recent gpa is a 3.9 maybe even 4.0 but by the end of this semester i will have a 4.2 and i hope to keep that consistant through out the year. But i did really poorly my freshamn and sophomore years of school. I am really scared that i won't get into a college of my choice so please let me know.

i took one AP class freshman year, but did not take the test.

I took another AP class sophmore year, missed the test, but i am making it up this year.

and this year i am taking two AP classes

i am taking my SAT in the fall and My ACT in february.

i just need to know that standards for getting into certain colleges.

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    1 decade ago
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    I think that if you're on a 4.0 GPA scale, your GPA is good. My high school counselor told me that it isn't really the GPA that matters, it's more of the SAT and ACT test scores. If you do really well on those, you have a better chance of getting into better schools.

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