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I posted a question before about how i had a professor who dedicated a class to tell us how the government blew up the world trade center. He goes off subject to shove his opinions down his students throat. Some things he says is plain offensive. I'm pretty sure hes a socialist because he believes capitalism failed and the government is only good for handing out socialist programs (health care, etc). The 9-11 class just pissed me off since he passed stuff off as fact and students believed his crazy opinions. I was wondering how i can report him since he likes not to teach us the history hes supposed to. (Its a western history of civ class the last couple of subjects were Ancient Greece and Rome). I really don't care about his beliefs but the fact that he takes attendance and made me sit threw his whole 9-11 government blew stuff up theories angers me because I'm not going to pay for him to attempt to brain wash me into his crazy theories. Is there anything i can do about this guy or am I just paying for a useless gen ed class?

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    I guess you could talk to your advisor. Or better yet, go to the department and ask if you can basically submit an anonymous complaint. Okay, hope this helps.

    Take care!

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    The First Amendment and academic freedom mean that he can have whatever crazy theories he wants, and as long as it is related to your subject matter, he can express them in class. However, if you were supposed to be talking about Ancient Greece and Rome, and he went off on this other stuff, you can report that he is not covering the subject matter he is supposed to cover.

    You say he is brainwashing you and shoving his opinions down your throat; however, you are not a small child. You are spending 3 hours/week in his class. He is just expressing his own beliefs, which constitutes neither coercion nor brainwashing. The only problem would be if he were to give higher grades to those who agree with him than to those who do not.

    Since you are probably stuck with him for the rest of the semester, even if your complaints are heard and they fire him at the end of the year, you might as well use his rants to learn something. Not to learn his nonsense as fact, however. What you can do is to practice in your own mind how you would contradict what he is saying. You can use something you disagree with to sharpen your own arguments for what you believe in. That will turn you into someone who is more credible and more persuasive in arguing for your own beliefs.

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    If you are in college, I would find out who the head of the history department is and go to that person. You might want to bring along any info that is pertinent to your concerns. That's really crummy and I can see why you might be offended. Good luck.

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    Wow! He sounds horrible, I'm sorry for you. I had a teacher like that in 7th grade :/

    I'd suggest that you call or write a letter to the school board, or contact the principal/headmaster if possible.

    I hope he gets fired!

    With luck,


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