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Lag issue now after sudden virus from a game? How to fix it and get it back to normal?

This game was called Gunz Online, While the first year(s) I played that game, I had no lag in that game, but now, after a sudden virus from a "Private server" Gunz attacked my PC. It began to lag more than usual. I used to be able to play in big maps, and now I can't play in any big map games due to this.

I scanned my PC with AVG 8.0 and Scanned it with Spybot Search and Destroy, it said I didn't have anymore viruses, but the lag in the game is still there!

The registering of controlling keys are slower than usual, and I see a bit of lag visual wise, as in seeing more "laggier visual" such as the lag sword trails when slashed. There used to be none, even in the big maps, now in a very small map, I see them D:. Halp halp halp!

I only have 1gb of ram. Will I have to reformat to get it back to normal or will reformatting do nothing and be a waste of my time? HALP

Will appreciate for answers D:.

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    Maybe you have spy ware. Spybot does look for it but not as great as Ad-Aware 2008. Its free from

    Reformatting probably won't help. Online games can be laggy when a lot of people are playing at the same time. Also are you running a lot of applications in the backround? Try checking task manager's (if windows that is xD) cpu usage to see if there's a program hogging the resources. You can get task manager (windows xp) CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. If the cpu usage is over 70% look in the processes to see what is sucking it all up. If you don't know the process google it.

    Hope this helps


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