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ur making a time capsule for ur kids to dig up when u are gone?

u are allowed 7 things...what do u put in it

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    Wedding photo

    Honorable discharge

    Boxing gloves

    Book of poetry

    Yankee hat

    Video diary

    My cryogenically frozen head

    Source(s): Got to throw a scare in to them little boogers.
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    the boogie bong passed down for the last 10 generations, it is pretty prehistoric

    1. instructions for happiness. It is a hippie logleft by my mom where she states to be healthy, peaceful, brave and productive. Other stuff too.

    2. our pillows the kids love the smell of my pillows.

    3. The money I won from my lawsuit so they be straight for life.they can get it when they grown to appreciate it

    4. Stones, for meditiation

    5. my jewelry

    6. pictures

    7. I shall leave my herbal essence seeds so they can enjoy the real natural and good therapy.

    im high i dont

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    love the question- gonna have to think and edit.

    1. my ipod (wait, i might need that- ill buy a cheap mp3 for this)

    2. my favorite fishing lure

    3. a picture of herself (she is my world)

    4. the ring that i had bought for her mom (but never showed it)

    , that im making myself keep for her.


    Source(s): tough one, thinking about my daughter digging it up changes some of my choices.
  • chula
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    1 decade ago album

    2.ipod with all our favorite songs

    3.some jewellry her daddy gave me that i hardly ever take off

    3.long *** letter giving some advice video's soccer uniform that she loves


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