ttc; is this a possible pregnancy?

My Hubby & I have recently decided we would like to conceive. I thought I was pregnant & took an early test, received a negative result. My periods are typically like clockwork, every 28 days. However, my last was on Oct 12th, & I'm late. I had what I thought were "symptoms" of pregnancy but ave now somewhat subsided. Or perhaps i'm just getting more used to it. But even now, approximately 4 days late, I received another negative result today. I'm calling to make a doctors appointment to see what could be up, but I was hoping maybe some of you ladies could give me some advice?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sounds like its a very good possibility! The doctor is the next best step but in the mean time maybe take a different brand of an at home test! GOOD LUCK!!

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    I hope that you get your BFP, but I would wait a little while longer before going to the doctor-- I know of so many people who start TTC and it stresses them out, making their AF late and making them think they're pregnant. Waiting is so hard, but another week would hopefully bring a BFP!! (or AF if not)

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    you could be pregnant and just not have enough hormone in your urine. i think seeing a doctor is a good idea, as your best bet for an accurate result would be a blood test.

    good luck!! :)

  • You could be pregnant or maybe you are about to start your period....Good luck!!!

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