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Need some personal insights on having children-Do you plan on having children? (From psychology standpoint)?

Most of us assume that we will find a partner, marry, and have children. Because this is such a strong tradition, almost none of us think about asking why we follow them. Most people who plan to have children do not have to explain why, but those who do not plan to have children are frequently asked, "why not?"

Do you want a child? If yes, WHY? If no, WHY NOT?

If the answer to the 1st question is, "No.” Then, "Why do you think some people want children?"

If the answer to the 1st question is, "Yes.” Then, "Why do you think some people do not want children?"

From a psychology standpoint, where do you base your answer(s), where do you classify it and why (please be as detailed as possible)?:

1. Societal Concerns

2.Narcissitic Concerns

3.Generative Concerns

4.Attitudes toward children in general

5. Relationship Concerns

I am doing some research on this for my college psychology class. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

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    Great Question. I'm 25 and me and my fiance both agreed on not having children. Growing up I had always been on thinking terms like that though. Growing up I was a very pretty girl, but had no interest in dating what so ever, so I didn't ever have a boyfriend. I found my fiance 5 years ago to be exact, such a short time to fall completely in love but it happened. I'm very self involved, and I am a very busy person. I think I am to self involved to care for a child the way a parent should, which isn't greedy of myself at all. I think children are for those who think they are blessings, because they really are. I like only having one significant other in my life I feel that children ruin marriages, or change them significantly, sometimes that is not the case though. (my point of view from being told by a relationship councelor ) Not having children is great for people like myself, very work & self involved.

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    1) yes, i can't imagine creating a life and being in total control of it, experiencing the responsibility associated with it

    2) I don't think that everyone can handle the responsibility, and are afraid to make a mistake with a human life. One of my friends is so against having children because there are already enough that are not being taken care of (example 4)

    I would say that it is slightly societal, my parents had 3 kids and seemed to enjoy it. I like to think that my children will be successful and contribute to the world in a positive way, i guess that is a little narcissistic.

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    well i am still young.and way too young for kids.but, i defiantly know i want them.i have always had a feeling i was going to have a lot of kids and be a great mother.i look at it as if i can care for them or not.if i can, why not have them if i have always had a bleeding desire for them?if i cant care for them, its very unfair to have them and be selfish.i think parenthood is based on care and availability.and that's just how i see it.

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    i'm a 25 year previous woman in an prolonged term dating, and (even with the undeniable fact that i won't be able to say I in no way will for specific, issues would substitute) I in no way elect to have toddlers. specifically with the aid of fact i won't be able to help have faith that when I even have toddlers MY existence is over. i will not look after myself as type a million, I would desire to provide my existence over to the hot era. i've got faith the guy i'm now could end to exist, and that i could advance into basically a 'mom'. i won't be able to be stricken with the stress of struggling with to enhance a 'stable' baby, and there is too lots i elect to do with my existence with out the extra suitable accountability. i won't be able to understand why human beings elect to have toddlers to be trustworthy!! exceedingly human beings decrease than the age of 30. the sole element i will think of of is the two the youngster became into unplanned, and in line with threat abortion isn't an selection for them. Or they're romantically thinking of a gorgeous toddler to share, with out making plans too some distance forward or pondering the main considerable factors!! or in line with threat that's merely hormonal urges that can't be crushed down!! Heh, pehaps i'm merely being slender minded, i could additionally elect to recognize why human beings elect to have toddlers!

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