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I need some information on the "Twilight" novel?

Okay. I may have told someone I've read the novel>


Because I didn't.

I just need to know some of the main events. Perhaps a summary.

I already know it was released in 2005 by Stephanie Meyer. It's a action/romance novel about a girl named Bella who moves into a new house. In school, she meets a vampire named Edward Cullen who doesn't show much interest in her. Then, the evil vampires decide they want to hunt Bella for sport and Edward doesn't want to stand for it. Then, vampires fight over Bella.

Does that sound like I read it? I used WikiPedia.

So, I need some of the main events and minor character biographies on Jacob and some other main characters.

Thank you!

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    Once your done faking that you read it you should really read it. it was so good i loved it.

    Well first off Bella is a girl who moved away from pheonix which she absolutely loved. Her mom married this guy named phil who has to move around for his work. It wouldn't be convienent for her to stay with her mom so she says that she wants to go to forks to live with her dad. In forks it's almost always raining and she hates it there. She actually describes to cloudy sky as a cage.

    When she goes to school at lunch she see's these strange kids sitting at a table by themselves. They are all extremely pale and all different. But all of them are inhumanly gorgeus. Her next hour is biology and she has to sit next to Edward, one of the pale gorgeus Cullen boys. The whole hour he doesn't say a word to her and is as far away from her as possible. Little does she know that Edward was about to kill her right there on the spot. He blood smelled so good to him it took all of his strength and self control not launch himself at her and ruin all that his family has worked for. Well now let me tell you about Edwards family.

    Edward's family are sort of like vegetarian vampires. They don't want to be the monsters that they were made into so instead of human blood the decide to live off of animals which is not nearly as satifying but makes them strong enough to live in the normal word. His family known as the Cullens, live together in the small town of Forks. The "dad" clarisle made this place for them so they don't have to live as monsters. He is a doctor and human blood doesn't even fase him any more. The mother is Esme and she is very caring and loving. And then there is Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, and Alice. They are all together for they are with each other for eternity and here is a brief outline of who they are.

    Rosalie - pretty much the most beautiful person in the world. She was pretty before she turned into a vampire so that trait was carried with her when she was changed. She is also extremely vain. Long blond curling hair.

    Emmett - like the big brother. he is extremely strong. That was the trait that he carried with him. Dark curly hair.

    Alice - She is very pixie-like and sweet. She brought her preminitions with her so she can see into the future. She can only see something once someone has made the decision to do that.

    Jasper - he can change the moods of other people around him. he has a harder time staying on the "vegitarian diet".

    okay i was going to give like an in depth description but that would take all night long. i hope that gives you a better understanding of the characters but Twilight deserves much more than just a couple paragraphs. i hope this helped but you should really just read the book.

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    The tale is high-quality. The characters are well built. What I ought to say approximately making this tale larger does no longer indicate its no longer a quality tale. From a writing perspective, the language is realistic and geared within the course of teens. Bella repeats matters. Matters are informed to the reader as a substitute of proven. One of the vital description isn't done in essentially the most certain method. In writing, speak is supposed to symbolize a person AND transfer the plot ahead, however probably inside the Twilight sequence it's used just for the rationale of a talk.

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    Okay. So. After Bella and Edward start talking some more they fall in love. They go to a meadow and get closer. She knows he's a vampire and he knows she knows but neither of them care. And they're pretty much inseparable. She meets the rest of the Cullens; Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Emmet, Jasper, and Carlisle. He brings her to one of their baseball games when three non-vegetarian vampires; Laurent, Victoria and James. James likes the smell of Bella's blood like Edward, and Bella tries to run away. James finds out their plan and he lures her to him by getting some home videos of her mom and using them as think that Bella's mom was in trouble. Bella goes to James and he almost kills her. But Edward comes in and saves her. She ends up with a broken leg, and a bunch of other messed up parts. And then Edward takes her to prom and acts like he's going to bite her and turn her into a vampire but doesn't.

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    OMG! just read the book...its too hard to grasp the concepts through wikepedia and Edward doesnt fight over Bella w/ laurence and his clain they are trackers and want to eat her and Bella and Edward are lovers...sry but if they have read it and u havent u may end up sounding like an idiot...good luck! it only took me 2 days to read....

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    OMG!!!!! i love EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to read it i have to ad mite im abs est with the serous and i cant stop thinking about it YAY!!!! im up to book 3!!!!!!!! you just have to read it im so geliouse i want to be bella swan.... YOU just have to befor you see the movie its worth it.... all my friends that have read it have fell in love with Edward.... hows this.. wedding bells.... OMG!!!!!!!!

    jabco loves bella... edwards family play basball and the evil vampires come.. Edwards family kill animals not humans.. Bella neally dies... the town is forks

    BUT YOU HAVE TO READ IT STILLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): I read it!!!!!!!!!
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    omg!!!!!!!! just read it!!!!!!! its the best thing in the world!!!!!! please just tell the truth and READ IT!!!!!! and plus that's not how it goes at all!!!!! Edward doesn't show interest the first 3 chapters than they become friends and fall in LOVE!!!!! theres alot more but i'm not telling you anything cause you have to read it!!!!! your such a liar!!!!!!

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    Why don't you just admit you didn't read the book, pick it up at the library or something and just read it?


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    something like that, but not really no read the book

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    you should just read it because its an awesome book

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