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Myspace picture captions? nothing is working????...?

i already tried the codes. the whole "<img src="the url goes here>" thing.

its not working though. when i put that code with my photobucket picture direct link in where im supposed to put the URL, the picture caption shows up as "Terms Of Use Violation".

Is there anyway to do this so that doesnt happen?

Any real help would be nice,

thanks! : ]

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    Upload the image at instead.

    Sometimes that "terms violation" thing happens randomly.

    Be sure you are copying the "direct link" of the Tinypic picture as well.

    <img src="DIRECT LINK">

  • dougan
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    4 years ago

    that's because of the fact Myspace has disabled kinds in image captions - so no longer something works now. final time they did this nonetheless, they reversed it, so purely time will tell whether or no longer they are going to change it back or no longer.

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